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My Dog is a Limousine Chauffeur and a Real Dog’s Dog

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Dread Bizorr is a Cane Corso

My Limo Chauffeur is a REAL Dog!

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 Dogs dog?

  Yes, he was a dog’s dog. The Master “Dread Bizorr” was the most memorable dog I’ve ever had the privilege to care for and call my own. His eyes were fixed continually on me, never allowing any thing to block his line of sight to me.  That is a classic Cane Corso trait that I learned after raising him, his mail order bride, and 9 of their beautiful puppies in Costa Rica. Those were believed to be the first pure Cane Corso pups to be born in Costa Rica. Chickey-Monkey, was his mail order bride and mother of his children. A stunning blue champion show Cane Corso imported from New York.  Watch for story about Chickey-Monkey, the wife of Dread Bizorr, the….“dogs dog”. 

Gorgeous CM
 Chickey-Monkey – Dread’s New York Mail Order Bride 

Dread Bizorr the Cane Corso story started on the Oregon coast in the U.S. 5 years before settling in Costa Rica.

Separation anxiety took on a new meaning when Dread Bizorr came into my life in 2002. Dread Bizorr slept with me on my king size bed. We were inseparable.  Dread went everywhere I went, Including my work, or should I say HIS work. We, 9Dread and I, formed Bodacious Black Dog Limousine and Taxi. He was the mascot and assistant chauffeur. His dashing attire glistened on his slick glossy pure black body with diamond studded dog collar and matching cuffs. Dread always started out in the front passenger seat, but most times ended up in the back of the limousine with his clients who loved being associated with his classy look and curious personality, adoring him for his loving, yet bold, protective nature.

After a few months, Dread was ready to step into a new limelight where he took on an additional career. He started his own column in a local paper. The “Master Dread Bizorr”, The Coastal Gourmet Critic  by LIMO SIDE. His job was to dine limo side at the best coastal restaurants in Oregon for the purpose of critiquing the experience in his local newspapers food column. Dread’s exquisitely laid out table was always set up at the entrance of a fine dining establishment, at the end of a rolled out red carpet from the back limo door.  A daily paper opened to his column, a rose bud in a vase with crystal dishes on a black table cloth all lent class to the scene of a top “dog’s dog” dining limo-side. After delicately devouring the restaurants most choice offering on the menu, (served on silver platter by waiter), Dread Bizorr would critique the restaurant and their cuisine in his next cuisine critiquing issue. He had a great sense of humor that attracted many readers as ongoing fans.

Bookmark this page and check back in the future for his actual articles from his column as a critic along with photos of Dread Bizorr in his Limousine flaunting, fine dining days, where he eventually becomes the first karaoke dog star, touring in his limousine once again on a new mission of a dog’s dog self discovery in the human world.  No, Dread Bizorr was not a “man’s man,” but he was definitely a “dog’s dog“!

For now here are some darling and humorous pictures of Dread Bizorr and Chickey-Monkey and a couple of their their puppies in Costa Rica.

cane corso collar

Puppies of a my Cane Corso, Dread Bizorr, a real “Dogs Dog”

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